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1. Support monetarily — like $2 a month. Really.

This model will only succeed if like-minded people drive it forward. So we’re using Patreon.com to combine the power of many tiny monthly pledges into funds for new development. Do you give to public television? — we can have the same impact, too. Half the price of a latte. Or put your name on our Sustainers page. Let's do this, together.


2. Join the mailing list so we can stay in touch.

If you don't have the means to support financially, we still count you among friends and advocates. Please subscribe so we can keep you up-to-date with progress.

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3. Educators: publish a new module with help from a designer.

We're seeking college/H.S. educators and public historians who already have written on topics of interest and who believe in sharing their work to improve the public narrative. We will work with you to translate your expertise into digital and interactive storytelling... all possibly pro bono! If it's already a DH project of yours, we'll help you derive a #PlainTalk version without sacrificing the intellectual substance. auut studio is donating design time. You will always keep the copyright to your work, your name at the top. Click to learn more:

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4. Share this site with the teachers you know.

By 2022, we need to reach as many history teachers as there are high schools nationwide. Maybe you know one of them? Please pass on this site! Include a kind note — you can tell them we say thanks for their unbelievably important work.

5. Teachers: tell us what you need.

Amazing teachers of the world: We believe in YOU, not technological fixes, not gizmos. #PlainTalkHistory doesn’t supplant your curriculum; we want to design extra explorations that ignite an awesome day in class & can be achieved in one session. Tell us where boredom dusts over a chance for brilliance, where the textbook falls short, and what stories you’ve learned to tell better: