Take-Down Policy

for content on this website

​Latest update: April 10, 2019

Copyrighted material and Fair Use

#PlainTalkHistory makes every effort to ensure that it has appropriate rights to ingest and provide access to the historical content featured in lessons and on the main website. In those cases where the rights are unclear (e.g., when we encounter copyright information that is ambiguous, contradictory, or have no way to discover the original creator of the work), we notate that fact in the attributions to the work, and we downgrade the image resolution to limit the usefulness of the copy on our site.

Wherever possible, #PlainTalkHistory has secured a license to use works that are in copyright, and this permission is kept on file at the office of auut studio in San Francisco, California. Parties who have questions or who wish to contest the use of specific works may contact this site at plaintalk[at]findauut.com, by using the contact form, or at this mailing address:

#PlainTalkHistory c/o auut studio

PO Box 590313

San Francisco, CA 94159

With all such communications, please include:

  1. A physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner. NOTE: If an agent is providing the notification, also include a statement that the agent is authorized to act on behalf of the owner
  2. Identification of the material that is claimed to be the subject of infringing activity and for which the request is to remove or to disable access. Providing a URL in your communication is the best way to help us locate content quickly.

Ethical Use

We recognize that some visual material that relates to historical oppression/appropriation could raise ethical concerns by becoming widely viewable on the internet. #PlainTalkHistory relies on the guidance from an Advisory Board to provide historical context to all controversial material, and to review final products prior to publication. Parties who have questions or who wish to contest the ethical use of a specific displayed image may contact this site at plaintalk[at]findauut.com or by using the contact form. Please include a telephone number to contact you in return, as we take such inquiries very seriously.

Responding to requests or challenges

#PlainTalkHistory will respond to all correspondence within two business days if by email/contact form; or within one week if by US Mail.

For contests of copyright: If we are not able to determine within that timeframe that this educational site is permitted to use the work(s) in question under 17 U.S.C. § 107 (the principle of “Fair Use”), then the site will take down the work from the website until or unless it can determine that such uses are permitted. #PlainTalkHistory may work with its counsel to make determinations about appropriate use. Depending on these determinations, we may restrict access to the work in question, or remove it completely from our systems.

For ethical inquiries: We will attempt to arrange a telephone discussion to further understand the issues involved. If necessary, #PlainTalkHistory will seek input from its Advisors for further clarity and respond again to the inquiry. Depending on these discussions, we may restrict access to the work in question, blur the image, or remove it completely from our systems.